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Developing quantum information and quantum technologies in Romania

Quantum information and quantum technologies are at the forefront of the second quantum revolution: quantum computers, quantum cryptography, quantum communication, quantum imaging/sensing etc. Quantum technologies are strategically important for the economic development — the European Union recently announced a €1 Billion Quantum Flagship.

QUTECH-RO is complex project (PCCDI) aiming to develop quantum information and quantum technologies in Romania, such that the Romanian community will actively participate in the Quantum Flagship. The project director (R.I.) is the Romanian representative in Quantum Community Network (QCN) of the Quantum Flagship.

The project has three strategic objectives:
(i) research: developing the research capacity in quantum information and quantum technologies;
(ii) education: teaching and training PhD students, postdocs and researchers to work in these fields;
(iii) dissemination: disseminate and transfer the results to society in order to stimulate scientific and economic progress.

QUTECH-RO consortium has 5 partners:

1. Horia Hulubei National Institute for R&D in Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH), QUTECH-RO coordinator;
2. National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics (INFLPR);
3. National Institute for R&D in Microtechnologies (IMT);
4. University Politechnica of Bucharest (UPB);
5. National Institute for R&D of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies (INCDTIM-Cluj).

Each partner coordinates a project from the common research agenda:

Project 1 Q-INFO: Developing theoretical and computational methods for quantum information and quantum technologies (IFIN-HH);
Project 2 Q-CHIP: Developing the integrated quantum photonics platform (INFLPR);
Project 3 Q-VORTEX: Quantum information with optical vortices (IMT);
Project 4 Q-LAB: Developing two research laboratories and a quantum source (UPB)
(a) quantum computation lab: cloud programming the IBM-Q quantum computer;
(b) applied quantum optics lab;
Project 5 Q-FERMI: Developing theoretical models for quantum computation with Majorana fermions (INCDTIM-Cluj).

Important outcomes of the project are the foundation of Romanian Quantum Network RoQnet and the participation of Romania in the EU Quantum Flagship.

Key facts:

Project Director: Radu Ionicioiu (IFIN-HH)
Duration: 15/03/2018 – 31/12/2020
Budget: 5,287,500 RON (€1.13M)
Grant Authority: UEFISCDI



Dezvoltarea informatiei cuantice si a tehnologiilor cuantice in Romania

Informatia cuantica si tehnologiile cuantice sunt domenii emergente ce stau la baza celei de-a doua revolutii cuantice: calculatoare cuantice, criptografie cuantica, comunicatii cuantice, imagistica/senzori cuantici etc. Tehnologiile cuantice au o importanta strategica pentru dezvoltarea economica — Uniunea Europeana a anuntat recent investitii de 1 Miliard euro pentru programul Quantum Flagship (QF).

QUTECH-RO este un proiect complex (PCCDI) ce isi propune sa dezvolte informatia cuantica si tehnologiile cuantice in Romania, astfel incat comunitatea din Romania sa participe activ la Quantum Flagship. Directorul proiectului (R.I.) este reprezentatul Romaniei in Quantum Community Network (QCN) a QF.

Proiectul are trei objective strategice:
(i) cercetare: dezvoltarea capacitatii de cercetare in informatie cuantica si tehnologii cuantice;
(ii) educatie: 
formarea de studenti, doctoranzi si cercetatori pentru a lucra in aceste domenii;
(iii) diseminare: 
transferul rezultatelor catre societate pentru stimularea progresului stiintific si economic.

Consortiul QUTECH-RO are 5 partneri:

1. Institutul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Fizica si Inginerie Nucleara Horia Hulubei (IFIN-HH), coordonator QUTECH-RO;
2. Institutul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Fizica Laserilor, Plasmei si Radiatiilor (INFLPR);
3. Institutul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Microtehnologie (IMT);
4. Universitatea Politechnica din Bucuresti (UPB);
5. Institutul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Tehnologii Izotopice si Moleculare (INCDTIM-Cluj).

Fiecare partener coordoneaza un proiect din agenda comuna de cercetare:

Proiect 1 Q-INFO: Dezvoltarea de metode teoretice si computationale pentru informatie cuantica si tehnologii cuantice (IFIN-HH);
Proiect 2 Q-CHIP: Dezvoltarea platformei de photonica cuantica integrata (INFLPR);
Proiect 3 Q-VORTEX: Informatie cuantica cu vortexuri optice (IMT);
Proiect 4 Q-LAB: Dezvoltarea a 2 laboratory de cercetare si a une surse cuantice (UPB)
(a) laborator de calcul cuantic: programare (in the cloud) a calculatorului cuantic IBM-Q;
(b) laborator de optica cuantica aplicata;
Proiect 5 Q-FERMI: Dezvoltarea de metode teoretice pentru calcul cuantic cu fermioni Majorana (INCDTIM-Cluj).

Proiectul va duce la formarea Romanian Quantum Network RoQnet si la participarea Romaniei la programul EU Quantum Flagship.

Date cheie:

Director de proiect: Radu Ionicioiu (IFIN-HH)
Durata: 15/03/2018 – 31/12/2020
Buget: 5,287,500 RON (€1.13M)
Autoritate contractanta: UEFISCDI