MSc Course in QuantumTechnologies

November 2022- January 2023, UPB

Quantum Technologies

The course will introduce the basic notions of quantum technologies. The goal is to familiarise the students with the fundamental concepts (entanglement, superposition, quantum gates, quantum protocols etc). The focus will be on photonic implementations and quantum communications.

The Quantum Optics Laboratory is the first of its kind in Romania. It has a Sagnac entanglement source build in-house and two entanglement demonstrators from quTools with several add-ons. The students will perform a set of crucial experiments in quantum information & quantum optics:
wave-particle duality
– violation of Bell-CHSH inequality
quantum eraser
– quantum random number generation (QRNG)
Hong-Ou-Mandel 2-photon interference
– photon indivisibility

Course (Radu Ionicioiu): Mondays, 18:00-20:00 + project 20:00-20:30
Laboratory (Mona Mihailescu): Thursdays, 18:00-20:00 + project 20:00-20:30
Venue: CAMPUS Building, Universitatea Politehnica București (UPB)


I. Introduction to Quantum Technologies, 21 November 2022, slides on request

II. Mathematical preliminaries (vector spaces, Dirac notation, operators etc), 28 November 2022, slides on request

III. Quantum mechanics: postulates, 5 December 2022, slides on request

IV. Quantum information: basic notions, 12 December 2022, slides on request

V. Entanglement (EPR, Bell-CHSH etc), 19 December 2022, slides on request

VI. Implementations (photonics), 9 January 2023, slides on request

VII. Applications: quantum cryptography, quantum communications, 16 January 2023, slides on request


For more information please contact Radu Ionicioiu ( or Mona Mihailescu (