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Quantum Internet Alliance

The goal of the newly formed Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) is to build a pan-European entanglement-based Quantum Internet.

IBM-Q: testing a 50 qubit processor

IBM has successfully built and measured an operational prototype 50 qubit processor. This new processor expands upon the 20 qubit architecture and will be made available in the next generation IBM Q systems. More about this...

QT Flagship Final Report published

The Quantum Flagship High-Level expert group published its final report, with concrete principles for the implementation of the Flagship: excellence, transparency, openness and connection with existing programmes. The final report also presents key performance...

The first inter-continental quantum video call

On 29 September 2017 scientists in China and Austria have successfully done the world’s first quantum-safe teleconferencing call. The two Academy presidents Chunli Bai and Anton Zeilinger tested quantum encrypted communication between Beijing and Vienna in a...